The Cranklock system was originally designed to eliminate speed wobbles as a safety measure for bikes. Once we started testing we found it does lots of other neat stuff that expands your bikes performance in the most awesome ways.



The patented Cranklock is a lightweight stability system that allows a rider to corner jump and slide a bicycle in the same way a motorcyclist does.

Cranklock takes advantage of a bicycle design flaw that up to now has severely restricted handling and performance. It's simple - the pedals must go round for you to go forward.

With Cranklock in the locked position you can corner substantially faster with increased safety, landing jumps that would normally result in serious crashes and performing BMX tricks that have been totally impossible up till now.

You may only "need" it for a moment, so when the corner, jump or trick is completed, Cranklock can be instantly released and the bike is "totally normal again".




"You can feel the difference instantly when you turn it on"

"Its sick"

Brook MacDonald - 4th place World Downhills 2008



“This will likely revolutionise the cycling world from BMX, stunts to Downhill and road”

Justin Grace 13 Times New Zealand Champion.